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Chief Physician Dr. Michael Schedler

Chief Physician Dr. Michael Schedler

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  • Private patients and self-pay patients

The clinic has the following main treatment areas

  1. pre-treated and out-of-treatment patients with tumor diseases of the respiratory and upper respiratory tracts, as well as head and neck tumors.
  2. all oncological diseases according to the so-called third-line therapy, i.e., tumor diseases that are also out of treatment according to conventional medical criteria.
  3. nutritional medical care and treatment of patients with tumor diseases, including provision of nutritional prostheses (PEG tube, naso-gastric tube, port).
  4. complete endoscopic diagnostics of the upper air and food passages (bronchoscopy, laryngoscopy, esophago-, gastroscopy). Also as preparation of surgical procedures, such as bariatric surgery, laparoscopic procedures of all kinds.
  5. targeted oncological rehabilitation with physiotherapy supervised by a physician.
  6. pain therapy conventional and natural therapies, including acupuncture and mesotherapy.
  7. all operations of the ENT, head and neck area, laser surgery, including special respiratory surgery for sleep-related respiratory disorders and iatrogenic respiratory disorders, e.g. after thyroid operations.

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